Having Issues with your Napco Gemini System? Here is some things to help you figure out the problem from minor to the most serious. Receiving an error code on the keypad? Check The error codes page to help understand what they mean. Can't use the system? check how to fix that so you can use it until you setup a service call.

Napco Manuals

Looking for the user manual for your system? Click below to find them.

Low Battery

  • Have a low battery message displaying on your keypad?
  • Want to change it yourself instead of having to have a service call?
  • Well click below for step by step instructions.

Error Codes

Does your keypad show an error or trouble code? Click here to find out what it means.

Not quiet sure about something and its after hours or you can not talk on the phone? Feel free to fill out the contact for and we will get back to you as soon as we can.